Jami Goldman is a fine art photographer, with over 30 years experience behind the lens. Jami’s passion for art and design was ignited as a child, while accompanying her mother, a sculptor and interior design enthusiast, to various exhibitions on both the local and national levels. The two shared a mutual affection for getting to know artists and the intention behind their work. This passion inspired Jami to pursue her interests in fine arts, with an emphasis on photography, at St. Lawrence University in upstate New York.

After college, Jami spent nearly two decades in New York City where she thrived in a variety of roles in the publishing industry, including leadership positions at Meredith, and at Vanity Fair and Bon Appetit magazines. Throughout her career, Jami was fortunate to work with prominent interior and fashion designers as well as many influential photographers. But, after significant time away from her camera, Jami truly missed viewing the world through her own lens and began to re-engage in her photography.

Upon returning to her true passion, Jami was able to draw upon both her personal and professional experiences and incorporate the skills she learned into her photography. To this day, Jami remains steadfast in her pursuit of capturing a unique perspective of expression through nature, water, fashion and more. Jami blends her instinctive eye for design with many principles of Gestalt into her photography. She offers just a glimpse into a scene and never a complete story. This invites her audience to become intimate with her images and render their own perceptions of what they see. The intention is for the viewer to put the pieces together and create their own personal vision and emotional connection with an image. Jami presents each image from her own abstract and distinct perspective. This approach allows Jami the freedom to transform her photographs into pieces of fine art that exhibit a unique and identifiable style. One that offers a fresh yet timeless elegance, and bestows a sense of tranquility and simplicity for all to enjoy.